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Introducing MasterCard® debit cards with Chip Technology

First Southern Bank will begin converting all Visa® debit cards to MasterCard® debit cards beginning in April 2018.  

Please check the mail for 3 items arriving soon and delivered separately

1. Introduction letter for the new debit MasterCard® (Mailed April 4)

2. New debit MasterCard® (Mailed April 23)

3. PIN Mailer (Mailed April 25)


Why does First Southern Bank choose MasterCard® over VISA®?

Keeping our customer's card information secure is a top priority at First Southern Bank and with the chip technology that MasterCard® offers this reduces the risk of cards being copied or counterfeited. 

Chip cards are designed to work together with chip terminals to provide an extra layer of security while making a transaction.

Did you know that MasterCard® has greater worldwide acceptance in over 40 million places in more than 200 countries. MasterCard® debit cards can be used anywhere in the world where MasterCard® is accepted. 

First Southern Bank MasterCard® debit card offers the convenience of an ATM card with the added benefit of using your card wherever MasterCard® is accepted.


Key facts to remember

1. Customers can call 1-866-590-4793 to activate their Mastercard® debit card or debit card can be used with new PIN at any ATM to activate.

2. Visa® debit cards will be deactivated on June 30, 2018.

3. New card numbers will be issued with the new MasterCard® debit card.

4. Automatic merchant payments linked to the Visa® debit card will need to be switched to the Mastercard® debit card.

5. First Southern Bank offers CLICKSWITCH which provides an easy way for customers to switch automatic payments. Please visit one of our 15 locations or contact one of our Personal Bankers at 618-997-4341 or 618-549-3621 to learn more. 

6. If customer does not use CLICKSWITCH, they will need to contact merchants and provide the new Mastercard® debit card information. This can be easily done through most merchant websites or the merchant customer service number.

Please note: Mastercard® debit cards are available, upon approval. 


Business Debit Card

What is a Business Debit Card?

Business debit cards are linked to the businesses' checking accounts. The cards can be used for ATM and Point of Sale transactions worldwide, just like consumer debit cards.

What are the benefits to small businesses?

For small businesses, there are also many reasons for choosing business debit cards. The cards:

  • Are more helpful than personal cards for identifying tax writeoffs and compiling year-end records
  • Make record-keeping simpler because transactions appear on the monthly checking statement
  • Offer greater convenience and security than cash or checks
  • Make it easier to monitor purchases made by employees

How do I get started?

For more information on how Business Debit Cards can help your business, stop in any of our locations today.