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Online Banking FAQs

Q. Will I be able to change my Authentication Image?
A. A default image will be provided to you at enrollment, and you must keep this selection initially. You will then be able to change your Authentication Image after completing the enrollment process. You will be able to select from a library of thousands of images.

Q. I sometimes access Internet Banking from a public computer, such as at an Internet cafe or at work. Can I still use those types of computers to do my Internet Banking?
A. Yes, you can continue to use public computers to access Internet Banking. As part of your enrollment in the Layered Authentication process from your home computer (or other non-public computer you regularly use), you will complete a series of challenge questions. If you need to access Internet Banking from a non-public computer, you will be provided with an additional confirmation process using the challenge questions, and then will be granted access to the system.

Q. Am I required to enroll in Layered Authentication?
A. Yes, we are requiring all Internet Banking users to enroll in Layered Authentication for their security. We're confident that you will find the process easy to use and convenient.

Q. How does the Authentication Image protect me?
A. The Authentication Image that is presented back to you is verification that you are accessing our legitimate Internet Banking site. By presenting the Authentication Image and passphrase that you established during the enrollment process, we are providing an assurance to you that your activity has not been redirected to a fraudulent site where your login credentials could be compromised.

Q. Why should I register my computer?
A. Each computer has a unique set of characteristics, similar to a fingerprint. By registering the computer, its unique set of characteristics will be stored by Internet Banking and used as additional validation criteria during subsequent logins. If you choose not to register a computer, you will be presented with a different validation process consisting of challenge questions/answers. Thus, we encourage you to register your computer and make for a more convenient, yet secure login process.

Q. Is there a limitation on the number of computers I may register?
A. There is no limit on the number of computers you may register.